Electronic Recycling:



RJR Electronics has been in business for 20 years. RJR is a family owned and operated business with an excellent reputation. We buy, sell and recycle all types of electronics. We have our main facility located in Atlanta , GA and we have various remote storage and sorting facilities located throughout the United States .

Our Goals

We believe in a clean, safe, prosperous planet. We have carried that motto with us throughout our onset and development throughout the years. Materials are handled safely with the highest Green Standards. Our people are trained to separate plastics, metals, electronics etc. Each material is separated recycled appropriately, for the maximum efficiency and best yields. Often, materials can be completely recycled and reclaimed to protect our planet. This is our goal.

We are experienced in all types of materials including: old computers, circuit boards, car batteries, cell phone batteries, small batteries, ups backups, household electronics, and more.

We try to achieve complete 100% reuse in items whenever possible. For instance, lead mining can be a dangerous and dirty job. Lead resources become more scarce each year. Lead is still needed for car batteries. Lead was once a feared poisonous material, found in paint and other substances. But now, old batteries can be completely recycled and the lead can be completely reclaimed to be made into new car batteries. We ship these old batteries to the battery manufacturers, to completely reclaim the lead. This eliminates all landfill issues, and it guarantees a complete reuse of this product. This is one such example of how we strive to keep the planet “green” and to find clean solutions to all our recycling needs.

Over the years we have partnered with many companies to provide electronic recycling services, pickups. These can be one time jobs or ongoing contracts. RJR can also provide large-scale electronic equipment removal if need be. We can remove and recycle old generators, compressors, pumps, HVAC, chillers, and other industrial equipment as well.


RJR has worked with many companies over the years providing our services. Locally we have worked with some of the following companies and organizations:

Atlanta City Hall East: Last month, we removed over 100,000 pounds of electronic materials for recycling. We removed the old radios and transmission equipment for the police and fire department. We removed and recycled electronic racks, shelving, transmitters, microwave tower equipment, cabling, batteries, metal racks, etc.

In less then 2 weeks we removed 15 years of built up electronic scrap. We sorted all items, separated them into their respective metals and plastics, and we sent the materials to be melted down to be reused. The project was a complete success and was done in record time.

Intelliverse / Voice Com Communications: This was a major project. RJR Electronics removed over 300,000 pounds of materials for this large company. We removed generators, chillers, massive UPS’s, battery arrays, HVAC, piping, cabling, hundreds of computers, servers and communications items. We removed virtually the entire 3rd floor of a large communications center in downtown Atlanta , next to the AT&T building. Any material that could be remarketed were resold, and the remaining materials were separated them into their respective metals and plastics, and we sent the materials to be melted down to be reused.

Crawford and Company: For 6 years we recycling all electronic materials collected from all their US offices. This included fax machines, copiers, monitors, old computers, old laptops, cabling, ac adapter, projectors, batteries, industrial equipment, metal shelving, etc. We separated them into their respective metals and plastics, and we sent the materials to be melted down to be reused.

What RJR will do for your company:

We will set up appropriate pallet boxes at your recycling location . Each box can have a sign on it describing the recycle items. These will be dropped off and your company can fill the containers.

As needed, when your company calls us, RJR will pickup these containers and we will drop off empty Pallet Boxes. RJR will provide the labor to load the boxes onto our truck and we will provide pallet jacks, trucking and forklifts if we deem it needed.

From our previous experience, we have seen pickups ranging from once a week, to once a month. The weights seem to average 2000 to 3000 pounds. We will charge per pound for these services. This means the average cost to your company is very low.

RJR will provide all these services for you. We hope we will be working with you, and we hope to make this project a success for both RJR and your company. Please call RJR to help get started today!


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RJR Electronics
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