In 1991 we were Blessed with RJR Electronics. It was truly a miracle from G-d, and we have not forgot that.  We appreciate this every day. In 1991, we were blessed and we began business working out of our home and business began to grow. We worked in a shared warehouse in College Park, Georgia. We started buying & selling IBM AS400, System 1, System 36, System 38, IBM Cadcam and IBM 47XX Banking equipment. A few niches developed: Terminals, Midrange features, Printers and Network gear, including Digi.

Around 1993 we moved to our first dedicated warehouse on Shirley Drive. It had it’s icky moments, but it was magical to us. That warehouse was used by none other than the great Hank Aaron. His souvenir gear was still stored there the day we moved in. Hank had his souvenir gear removed and we moved in.  We grew and worked hard and we were blessed and expanded, and outgrew that space a few years later.

Around the year 1996, we moved to 2 large buildings on Commerce Circle. This was a blessing beyond our imagination. Our landlords were the Kunianski brothers. They were exceptional. Truly some of the finest landlords in Atlanta. We set up dedicated areas for some of our specialties: Glass polishing station for buffing out scratches on Monitors, Repair Area, Staging Area, Inventory, Painting, etc.  Things were good and we worked hard and built an excellent reputation. At the time we had a repair contract from IBM. We were repairing all the reservation terminals for Hertz, Avis and Budget coast to coast, as well as Alaska, Hawaii and PR. There were 13,200 terminals on the contract. We were repairing 15-20 Terminals a day every day. They came in dead and they left working perfect. It was rough work, but we loved it.  We repaired those units every day for 4 years. But dark days were coming.

The contract was with a Maintenance Company out of Virginia, that will go unnamed.  That Maintenance Company was a subcontractor for IBM, not related to IBM.  The owner of that company, unfortunately scammed us out of a very large 6 figure amount.  We literally lost everything. Every penny that we every had, and we were deeply in debt. It took a great toll on us. It was literally the mercy and blessing of G-d that saved us. Slowly but surely we dug out of the crushing debt. We built back the company that we had worked so hard to build. Eventually we were blessed to come back to life.

Thank G-d we kept growing and doing well and building a great product line and a great reputation as time passed. We became proficient in Terminals, Midrange, Digi, Equinox and Networking. We became very skilled in repairing power supplies, terminals, networking gear, telecom and motherboards of all types. Soon our reputation spread and we were blessed with growth and expansion.

In 2011 we moved into our final location!  We consolidated two buildings into one. We were blessed with most perfect location, and this is where we are now.  Our new facility features gorgeous offices, 35′ warehouse ceilings for maximum pallet rack space efficiency, high-efficiency lighting, heating and cooling. It is a wonderful location easily accessible from 285 or  I-20, just minutes from downtown. Thank G-d!

We buy, sell and repair Midrange, Telecom, Networking, Printers and more.  We have numerous repair contracts.  Our quality is exceptional and we are known for our solid reputation.  Customers seem to be very happy with our quality, and we love our customers!  We always give 100% and we try to go beyond the normal expectations. That’s our story! And we’re sticking with it!  Thank G-d, and thank each of you for your business!  Please let us know how we can help you grow and let us know how we can take care of you and your customers!


The RJR Electronics Team!