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  • Terminals: Over 5000 IBM, Wyse Digital, HP, Adds
  • Digi & Equinox: Over 3000 networking items
  • Midrange IBM RS6000 & AS400 features/peripherals
  • HP 3000, 6000 & 9000 features & terminals
  • Digital Alpha, Vax, Legacy: Terminals & Networking
  • We can Repair ANYTHING: Terminals, Telecom, Pwr Supplies, Networking.
  • Repair it!  Let RJR turn your worthless dead inventory in valuable assets!


Welcome to RJR Electronics!  We buy, repair and sell computer and networking equipment as low as 90% below list. We can provide Midrange, Server gear, Terminals, and Networking gear. We are one of the largest Terminal suppliers in the USA, with 5000 Terminals in stock: Wyse, IBM, Digital, Adds, HP, etc.  We have the largest stock of Digi Networking gear in the USA with more than 3000 items in stock.  We also have a wide variety rare Legacy gear.  And we can repair almost ANYTHING, usually for 50% below the cost of replacing the item!  We do lost-cost repairs on Terminals, Networking, Telecom, Power Supplies, Motherboards and more. Equipment is thoroughly tested, beautifully refurbished and fully guaranteed. Our skilled technicians make sure everything is perfect before we ship. And our experienced shipping staff can often ship same day orders, to virtually anywhere in the world. Call us if you have any questions. We are here to help you! (404) 349-7600